Code of Conduct

If the Australia 2025 bid is successful, the convention will run under a variation of the below code of conduct, with the addition of the sections listed under Convention Code of Conduct. The bid team believes it is important to have this code of conduct visible from the start of our bid process. We welcome feedback and suggestions on the code of conduct – please email

Bid Code of Conduct

The Australia 2025 bid team is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all participants and supporters. We are committed to taking all steps within our power to create a space in which people feel safe and free from harassment. As such, we expect everyone who attends our bid events, virtually or in person, to read and agree to this code of conduct.

If you have an incident to report, please fill out the incident report form. If you have any other feedback to provide about the code of conduct, incident/complaint handling or any other aspect of the convention, please email


We believe in creating a space that is pro-consent. This means a space where people feel comfortable asking about others boundaries, and being able to express their own. Consent is not only about potential sexual situations, but also includes minor things, like “Can I sit with you?”, “Would you like to chat?” or “Do you mind if I take your photo?”


Harassment may include unwanted verbal comments (especially those related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, etc), explicitness in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, unwanted photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome sexual attention.

Any actions that make you feel uncomfortable should be considered a form of harassment and can be reported. Even if you think ‘they didn’t mean it’ or ‘it was an accident’ if something occurs that you are not okay with, please feel free to bring it up with us, and we will discuss with you the best way to handle the situation.

Complaints & Breaches

If at any time during the bid or convention you feel unsafe, threatened, harassed, or are just uncomfortable about something that is occurring, please contact a member of the bid team. We are available to be a sounding board for the issue, and if appropriate we will take further action. If you feel a committee member is behaving inappropriately you can report this to the co-chairs of the bid, Leife Shallcross and Devin Madson.

If a bid event attendee engages in behaviour deemed inappropriate, the Committee may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expelling them from further bid events or the convention itself.

All reports of harassment or inappropriate behaviour will be treated in confidence, and actions will only take place after consultation with the complainant.

Convention Code of Conduct


Our panellists have put a lot of time and energy into preparing discussions for your enjoyment and education, so please help to make it as positive an experience as possible.

We believe that the best way to facilitate conversation between panellists and the audience is through structured questions and answers. If you wish to ask the panelists a question, please raise your hand, and the moderator will call upon you when appropriate. While other conventions may have more of a casual approach to people making unsolicited comments during panels, we feel it is disruptive and disrespectful to the panellists. Anyone refusing to comply with this process may be asked to leave by the moderator.

If you arrive late or wish to leave early for a panel, please do so as quietly as possibly. Similarly, please make sure all devices are switched to silent. Tweeting, taking notes, or working on crafts are all acceptable in panels as long as they are not disruptive to other audience members or panelists.

Photography and Recordings

If you wish to take photos during panels or presentations, please:

  • do so in a manner which is not distracting from, or disruptive to, the panellists or audience,
  • when panels are running, take photos from the back or side of the audience,
  • do not move beyond the front of the audience, behind the panellists or obstruct views,
  • if you would like to take photographs during workshops, speak to the individual workshop organisers and/or participants and abide by their requests.

If you wish to record a panel or event please get permission of all participants before the event. People using recording equipment must not obstruct other people’s views or thoroughfares. The Committee reserves the right to disallow filming or sound recording for any reason.

Throughout Australia 2025 there will be a select number of panels filmed or recorded by the Committee for distribution through social media. These panels will be clearly sign posted on the panel room entrance and announced at the beginning of the panel.

Outside of panels, workshops or presentations, if you wish to take photographs or recordings of individuals or small groups (fewer than 6 people), make sure you ask for their permission first. Please be aware that by attending the convention you may end up in photos people take of the space, or in the backgrounds of other people’s photos.

Clothing and Footwear

Australia 2025 does not have an official dress code, though we ask that you remember that this is a family friendly event, and that all costumes and outfits are expected to comply with this.

If you will be wearing a costume either during the convention or at the Maskobalo please remember that costumes must not be made or trimmed with any messy substances as these can damage other participants costumes. You may not use anything wet, oily, or dusty such as wet paint, powder or unfixed sparkle. The same goes for poorly-set or sticky colouring and sharp, pointy or rough finishes that may become snagged.

Footwear must be worn at all times for insurance purposes.


No weapons are to be brought to, worn or carried at any time during the convention (including water pistols, real or replica guns, swords or knives) without prior approval of the committee. If the real life version of what you’re carrying can hurt people, check with us first.


No animals will be allowed in the venue other than guide dogs and other licensed assistance animals.


Members are responsible for any damage that they cause to any property of either the venue or of Australia 2025. Please ensure you treat the venue with the proper care and respect, and don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you. And while we adore googly eyes, please refrain from vandalising other people’s property

All technological equipment necessary for panels is the property of Australia 2025. Please ensure you get permission from our Tech Liaison before altering anything.

While both the convention and the venue will exercise all due care and responsibility to ensure the safety of participants and their property, no liability will be accepted for loss or damage of items or personal effects brought onto the convention site.


As the convention site is shared with non-convention attendees, please be respectful of other guests staying at the venue, and act responsibly, as you will be liable for costs if you cause damage or make a mess. Enjoy yourself, have fun – but don’t get ridiculous.


Australia 2025 supports the responsible service and consumption of alcohol and requests that members follow the relevant licensing conditions.


The convention site is a non-smoking venue, and members must abide by the terms and conditions set out by the venue, and any other legally governed restrictions. Members in breach may be ejected by the operator or the Committee at their discretion.